Women's Spring Bible Studies

    Jan 20, 2022 | by Women's Ministry

    Ladies, please join us for any of these bible studies beginning soon. 

    Tuesday Morning, bi-weekly study at 10am at FBCD with childcare provided. Subject matter is TBD with a start date of January 25th. Anne Harford is leading.

    Tuesday Evening, virtual, bi-weekly study at 6:30pm on Zoom on the book of Colossians. Sue Hobbet is leading.

    Tuesday Evening, weekly study at 6:30pm that is hosted by Kellie Avery in N. Durham on the book of 1 Peter that starts on January 25th. Led by Kellie Avery and Kim McKeel.

    Tuesday Evening, weekly study at 7:30pm in the FBCD Gathering Space on the book "Gently and Lowly". Led by Bekah Schaub.

    Thursday Evening, weekly study at 8:00pm that is hosted by Sonya Batchelor in N. Raleigh on the book, The Glory Now Revealed by Andy Davis with start date of January 13th. 

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