The goal of our Bible for Life classes is to make disciples by rightly understanding and applying God’s Word to every aspect of our lives.  

Join Us Sundays at 9:15am

Our Bible for Life classes are designed to give a comprehensive understanding of God’s Word that can be applied in every part of life.
We invite you to look over these classes and prayerfully consider which class will most help you as you continue growing in Christ.

Current Classes

Bible Study Classes

A STUDY IN THE Book of Hebrews

Join us as we continue our walk through of the book of Hebrews, considering our great savior and the great salvation he provides. 

How to read and apply the bible 

We know that studying God’s Word is critical to flourishing as followers of Christ, but the discipline of regular Bible study can be challenging. Perhaps you understand what you read, but aren’t sure how to apply it. Maybe it’s difficult to know how certain passages are relevant. How can we be sure we are getting as much as we can from God’s Word?

In this class, we will consider how to read the Bible devotionally, not merely for information, but for application and transformation. We’ll see afresh the importance of daily Bible intake, and marvel at how God uses His Word to transform lives one passage at a time.

Class Files: Class OutlineClass 1 • Class 2 • Class 3 • Class 4

Internal Journey Classes

Aiming for Christlikeness

Once we have trusted in Christ for the forgiveness of our sins, how should we then live? God calls on us to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Pet. 3:18). This four-week BFL class will give a roadmap to help us in our internal journey of growth into Christlike maturity. Come and grow!

Class Schedule

Coming January 15

Bible Study

A STUDY IN THE Book of Hebrews
Our Great Salvation

Internal Journey

Ladies Class: Ordinary Faithfulness, Extraordinary God
Men's Class: slaying temptations